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OTS provides varied services for owners of yachts and small private crafts, including:

Pre-purchase surveys
Finance and insurance surveys
Donation or appraisal surveys
Damage inspection surveys
Corrosion surveys
Audio/UT screening of steel and aluminum vessels
Engine surveys


Pre-purchase surveys are the most comprehensive inspections. Buyers are strongly advised to commission a pre-purchase survey when purchasing a new or used vessel. OTS will examine the vessel’s overall condition and operation. Components of a pre-purchase survey include:

  • Examining structural integrity
  • Performing an out-of-water inspection
  • Performing a sea trial
  • Evaluating electrical, propulsion system and fuel systems as well as machinery, navigation, miscellaneous on-board systems
  • Evaluating cosmetic appearance, electronics, safety equipment and overall maintenance
  • Providing a list of recommendations as well as current market and replacement valuations


Before agreeing to finance the purchase of or insure a vessel, many insurance companies and banks will request a finance/insurance survey for the purposes of determining fair market value and risk assessment. Insurance companies and banks are interested in a vessel’s structural integrity and safety for its intended use. OTS will provide a list of recommendations as well as current market and replacement valuations.


Appraisal/donation surveys gather enough information to justify or determine the fair market value of a vessel. They are often requested for estate settlements, donations, and legal cases. Our appraisals also assist lending institutions in determining collateral values.

Some vessel owners decide to donate boats to a nonprofit organization for tax purposes. Our reports hold up to IRS scrutiny. All of our appraisals conform to the Uniform Standards of Professional Appraisal Practice (USPAP).


Damage inspections surveys assess the extent of damage to a vessel. The survey will recommend repairs, estimate repair costs, and if requested, suggest the damage’s probable cause. OTS assists owners, underwriters, and their claims handlers in all aspects of a marine claim, including:

  • Initial and interim reports
  • Repair specifications
  • Verification of ownership
  • Repair order and invoice reviews
  • Theft and fraud investigation
  • Litigation assistance


Corrosion surveys assess the extent of protection needed to prevent electrolysis of through hulls and underwater machinery. Stray current corrosion can originate from the dock’s shore power, the vessel in the slip next to yours, or from your vessel itself. OTS will find the source, and make recommendations to combat the causes of galvanic corrosion.


OTS conducts non-destructive ultrasonic testing of shell plating (steel or aluminum) to determine shell plate thickness on steel and aluminum vessels. We utilize state-of-the-art KRAUTKRAMER-BRANSON GE DMS Go Technology for our audio/UT gauging inspections. We use non-destructive meters, so it’s not necessary to grind away bottom and topside paint prior to taking a reading. All reports conform to American Society of Non-destructive Testers (ASNT) standards.


OTS performs engine, transmission and generator inspections utilizing the latest marine technology, including:

  • Infrared temperature gauges
  • Digital tachometers, stethoscopes, and compression gauges
  • Other diagnostic equipment as required

Engine surveys include oil spectrometer analysis on engines, generators, and gears to identify abnormal internal wear. We also find:

  • Cooling system leaks
  • Failed gaskets
  • Failed seals/o-rings
  • Cracked engine/gear components
  • Carburetion/fuel injection problems
  • Signs of past overheating
  • Faulty air induction systems
  • Heat exchanger failure
  • Viscosity breakdown

Please call anytime to discuss your particular surveying needs.

Ocean Technical Services, LLC

Ocean Technical Services, LLC